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Friday, November 9, 2012

Its Fixed!

I believe you can now view the video


The Miracle Bug Repellent

CedarCide is an amazing product that I was introduced to by a client of mine about two years ago.  The product claims to be totally non-toxic, allergen free, and safe for pets. So I have been passing out bottles to some of the pre national training groups from outside the state who have never experienced the likes of the Texas pests. This product has saved the competing dogs from harm and allowed them to continue preparing for the National Retriever Championship....


Double Land Blind

The Gunzer group decided to do a double land blind for their second set up of the day.  The set had a blind off to the right about 50yrds through a group of trees in which a rooster pheasant was planted at the base of a tree and in no relation to the previous set of land marks. Then the handler and dog moved to a different mat for the second longer blind of about 325yrds. This second blind required the dog to cross the lines of the first short blind and the previous set of marks.  There were many great attributes to this long blind, up front the dog was required to jump a large downed tree about 65yrds from the starting point, from there the dog traveled into the valley where the lines to the previous set of marks were crossed, as the dog started up the hill side cover and the remaining flyers in the flyer crates from the hen pheasant flyer came into play in which the dog was required to maneuver threw heavy goat weed tight to the flyer station while maintaining a difficult angle along the hill side with the wind blowing scent off of the flyer crates.  The cover, scenting conditions, and visibility on the end of this blind became very tricky since there was a single hen pheasant planted for each dog from a holding blind down the hill side about 80 yrds away.  The blind planter's path and distance away was thought to be a possible factor of this blind however, the cover and visibility became the true challenges at the end of this blind.

The dog was required to jump the log on the long land blind

FC AFC Maple Creek's "Maddie" Mae & David McMahan
setting up for the long land blind


Technical Difficulties

I'm having some technical difficulties uploading videos to you tube. However, I know how to fix the issue but it will take some time. Please stay tuned as the videos are insightful.


Singles Vs Multiples

As mentioned in the previous post Andy Attar of Autumn Run Retrievers provided an explanation of why he felt some marks were more affective in training performed as a single vs putting the mark into a multiple marking situation. Many trainers share this philosophy however there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Andy's thoughts were that the handler involvement in a attempt to line a dog up for the memory mark in a multiple helped facilitate memory and takes some of the decision making responsibilities from the dog because of the ques being provided and a definite location in where the dog needs to travel to get to the bird in order to complete the mark with success.  Hence a more black & white picture in the dogs mind.  Another key factor to the ease of performing a memory mark as apposed to a well placed single is the dogs frame of mind and energy level after picking up the go bird.  Andy described that the dog maybe a bit tired and more willing to go where they are pointed thus bearing down on the memory mark and giving more effort to get to that bird.   He believes that sometimes the dogs are less likely to bear down and give more effort because of the minute handler involvement required in running a single and the responsibility being solely placed on the dog as he lets his guard down and discipline lax. Also because of the excitement level and minimal handler involvement on a single the opportunity for the handler to play on the factors of the test and the factors of mark is simply not presented. For example the ability for the handler to "No" the dog off an area or previous mark, and or false lining a dog in an attempt to play on the factor of the wind.  In layman's terms on a memory mark the handler is influential on queuing the dog where to go in order to get to the bird, on a single mark one is pointing the dog toward the field and saying there is your gun, watch the bird, now figure out how to pick up your mark.  So don't take a single mark for granted, all marks can benefit your training when put in areas the dogs instinctualy do not want to travel. This is the definition of good bird placement.  A good trainer will utilize all of these factors and continually keep the dogs mind stimulated and attitudes balanced.  Thank you Andy and all who have contributed to this blog!


Land Quad

The Gunzer group began their day by setting up in a field known as the tree pasture.  Their first test was a land quad with a hen pheasant flyer mid distance shot to the left up a hill in some descent cover, deep of this flyer and somewhat tight was a long retired gun throwing a dead rooster pheasant to the right on a side hill in heavy cover, then a shorter retired bird almost equal distance as the hen pheasant flyer was a gun station where the thrower walked out 20 paces to the right and threw a dead hen pheasant to the right in heavy cover, and the last bird was the shortest station standing out throwing (left) a dead duck pinched to the previous retired gun.  The test was performed as a quad for some, triple for others and singles for few. I arrived in the middle of the completion of the test and it was observed by Karl Gunzer of High Spirit Retrievers that the dogs who had performed the test as a multiple had a higher percentage of success to making it out to the long retired bird than the dogs who performed the triple and did the long retired bird as a single. Unfortunately, Karl was running a dog during his comment and I was unable to gather his thoughts on the reasoning behind this observation. Provided is a quick video of Karl performing the triple with Colonel. The video hopefully gives you some perspective of this effective test.  On the other hand, Andy Attar of Autumn Run Retrievers was available to provide his thoughts behind this phenomenon. I will provide Andy's thoughts in the next post.  Please note Colonel does a nice job on the triple and my phone went dead before I could video Colonel picking up the long retired single in which he also did a very nice job on.  It is also noteworthy to mention that Karl Gunzer has other dogs that he qualified for this National and felt it was proper to make mention that the credit for Colonel's titles and training go to Scott Dewey of Rock River Retrievers.  Scott Dewey as many of you know is not attending this National for he has left the field trial game to put forth efforts in an extraordinary cause.

Below is the link to Karl & Colonel's video of the Triple Land Test.  Good Job Colonel!!!


An Introduction.....

It has been brought to my attention that for a good number of folks reading this blog I have been anonymous. So let me properly introduce myself. My name is Tera Lanczak of Bay Blue Kennels, I am a professional retriever trainer that specializes in young dogs residing in Giddings, TX in the winter and Au Gres, MI in the summer.

I was honored to be invited to do this blog, and out of convenience of having the pre national groups train on my winter grounds I am able to report in detail about the pre national training.  However, this in not a one man (woman!!) operation, I will be meeting with the rest of the Retriever News team this evening to go over strategies of providing the best coverage we will be allowed to.  Tina Styan Managing Editor of R-News & Gwen Jones will be my partners in crime for the real coverage of the National beginning on Nov. 10th and dogs will begin to compete on Nov.11th.

I am not a writer, I am a horrible speller, and will probably use the rules of grammar incorrectly, although I will try to do my best to provide the info those who can not witness this event are yearning to see.  Please understand that I will not play favorites for the simple fact I personally know and greatly respect many of the contestants and passionately love all of these amazing Labradors. It may appear that there is more commentary or pictures of one group over another, this is because everything that I post I gain permission from those involved first.  Due to varying anxiety levels, time constraints, and people trying to concentrate on getting these dogs prepared for the upcoming National freedom with information may be limited and I may not be able to provide the depth I would like.  Please understand that I will not start making things up (fluff) just to provide entertaining reading and will be reporting just the facts. Enjoy the blog!!!


Day 3 Of Pre National Training


The fog Thursday morning was thick and visibility at 7:30 am was only about 75yards. The temp was 55 degrees with a light varying breeze out of the South Southwest. The troops in today's group included Karl Gunzer of High Spirit Retrievers, Andy Attar of Autumn Run Retrievers, Ray Voight of Handjem Retrievers, and Paul Knutson of Gunclub Labradors. The group also included some very accomplished amateurs such as Mac & Lynne Dubose, Chuck & Mary Jane Schweikert, David & Kara McMahan, Glenda Brown and Chad Baker.

Kara McMahan & Mary Jane Schweikert


2012 NRC
Running Order

1. FC-AFC Moonstones Sea Biscuit Run “Biscuit” LM, Bill McKnight
2. FC Escalera's Black Explosion “Nitro” LM, Al Arthur
3. FC Bayou Teche Tex “Tex” LM, Mark Smith
4. FC-AFC In The Hunt Farm's Executive Sweet “Sweet” LF, Tom Bogusky
5. FC-AFC Atlasta Winner “Lassie” LF, Scott Harp
6. FC Valtor's Hayseed Kid “Kid” LM, Don Remien
7. FC-AFC Citori's Accept No Substitute “Brook” LF, Michael Moore
8. FC Jazztime Empty Wallet “Cash” LM, Bill Totten
9. FC Premier's RSK Powerstroke “Diesel” LM, Alan Pleasant
10. FC Watermark's Mister Candlewood “Mister” LM, Danny Farmer
11. FC Little Bit Dangerous “Tiny” LF, John Henninger
12. FC Lubys and Whitewaters Pirates Jewel “Jewel” LF, Ray Voigt
13. FC Drake's Bay Parting Of The Sea “Moses” LM, Wayne Curtis
14. FC Honky Tonk Take It Easy “Tie” LM, Ty Rorem
15. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball “Slider” LM, Lauren Hays
16. FC-AFC Bo Ford's Full Bird Colonel “Colonel” LM, Karl Gunzer
17. FC-AFC Mercy Mercy Mercy Me “Mercy” LF, John Stracka
18. FC-AFC Star Spangled Girl II MH “Banner” LF, Alice Woodyard
19. FC-AFC Calculated Risk “Chance” LM, Al Arthur
20. Biggun's Wild Rose Warrior MH “Rosie” LF, Rob Erhardt
21. FC-AFC Shadows Sweet Something “Sugar” LF, Mark Medford
22. FC Yankee Fork Yancy “Yancy” LM, Eric Fangsrud
23. FC Mak's Convince Me Connie MH “Connie” LF, Tim Milligan
24. FC Candlewood's Man In Black “Cash” LM, Danny Farmer
25. FC-AFC Go Margo “Margo” LF, Mel Milton
26. FC Dominator's Autumn Creek Gamble “Betsy” LF, Paul Sletten
27. FC-AFC Chatanika's High Water Haylee “Haylee” LF, Patti Kiernan
28. FC-AFC Lil Bit's Cote D'Or Pinot Noir “Bart” LM, Alan Pleasant
29. FC Madison Hadagun “Madison” LF, Bill Sargenti
30. FC-AFC Tru's Little Cruiser “Cruise” LM, John Henninger
31. FC Merlyn IV “Merlyn” LM, Jerry Patopea
32. FC 3RS's Carbon Calie “Calie” LF, Bill Eckett
33. Fox Haven's Born To Run MH “Dash” LM, Don Remien
34. AFC Skywatch Cowboy “Cowboy” LM, Ray Vreeland
35. Backwater Smokin Turq “Turq” LM, Kenny Trott
36. High Peak Rebel Ridge's Outlaw “Jesse Jane” LF, Sammie Thompson
37. FC-AFC Bayou-Star Beyond Independent “Tia” LF, Danny Farmer
38. FC-AFC Seaside's Get The Party Started “Pink” LF, Al Arthur
39. Lock Five's My Mother's Keeper “Keeper” LF, Andy Attar
40. NFC-AFC Candlewood's Something Royal “Windy” LF, Ken Neil
41. FC-AFC-CNFC-CNAFC Nightwings Marsh Leader “Guide” LM, Bill Totten
42. NFC Watermark's Running Back “Emmitt” LM, Jim Gonia
43. FC Forry's Charmed One “Piper” LF, Ed Forry
44. Carronade's Esprit De Corps “Cori” LF, Ray Voigt
45. FC Bluenorth's Davey Crockett “Davey” LM, Alan Pleasant
46. FC-AFC Coolwater's Knockout “Punch” LM, Alex Washburn
47. Road Warriors Dieter Brock “Deets” LM, Ty Rorem
48. AFC Texas Troubador “Tubb” LM, Martha Russell
49. FC Millforge On A Roll “Lucky” LM, Bill Sargenti
50. FC Trumarc's Dot Come “Dottie” LF, Danny Farmer
51. FC Salty Paws Hammerin Hank “Henry” LM, Tim Milligan
52. FC-AFC Hardscrabble Carbunnation “Fizz” LF, Karl Gunzer
53. FC-AFC Candlewoods Life Is A Highway “Freeway” LM, Paul Sletten
54. NAFC Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip “Traveler” LM, Chad Baker
55. FC Peakebrook's Brawny Force “Dozer” LM, Al Arthur
56. FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble “Ali” LM, Mark Smith
57. FC-AFC Great Bunns Of Fire “Jerrylee” LF, Lynne DuBose
58. FC Huckleberry Fen “Huck” LM, Eric Fangsrud
59. FC Armagh's En Fuego “Hottie” LF, Don Remien
60. FC Tower of Terror “Dragon” LM, Scott Harp
61. FC-AFC Westshore Buddy “Buddy” LM, Jerry Kamphuis
62. FC RSK's Oohs And Aahs “Ozzie” LM, Alan Pleasant
63. FC Dominator Boots She Worth It “Boots” LF, Danny Farmer
64. FC-AFC Kimber VIII “Kimber” LF, Jerry Patopea
65. FC-AFC Huntersbest Sapphire Jubilee “Jacki” LF, John Henninger
66. Beadle's Turbo Nina “Nina” LF, Wayne Curtis
67. FC-AFC Big Alfonse Capone Of Mo-Kan “Al” LM, Bill Eckett
68. FC-AFC Candlewood GoldenDaze Louie “Louie” LM, Chuck Schweikert
69. FC-AFC Waterdogs Iron Diva “Diva” LF, John Stracka
70. FC Citori's No Holds Barred “Freedom” LF, Bill Sargenti
71. FC-AFC Third Creek's Big Stick “Woody” LM, Paul Knutson
72. Low Tide's Pounder “Lb.” LM, Al Arthur
73. FC Catalina's Trumarc “Trudi” LF, Rob Erhardt
74. FC Seaside's Kingfish “King” LM, Mark Medford
75. FC-AFC Sanpitch River Shore Thing “Shorty” LM, Bill Totten
76. FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise “Holland” LM, Danny Farmer
77. FC Farmer's No Insurance “Dealer” LM, Tim Milligan
78. FC-AFC Nebo's Onyx Tornado “Twister” LM, Al Wilson
79. FC Ride Sally Ride III “Sally” LF, Paul Sletten
80. FC CK's Blue Velvet “George” LM, Alan Pleasant
81. FC-AFC Candlewood's Right On Ruby Reynolds “Ruby” LF, Ray Voigt
82. FC Moodys Jumpin Jack Flash “Jack” LM, Charlie Moody
83. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Miah “Miah” LF, Stephen Ritter
84. FC-AFC Robbers' Stray Bullet “Bullet” LM, Dave Rorem
85. FC-AFC Lil Chin Music “Lil” LF, Don Remien
86. CFC Backwater's Boomer “Boomer” LM, Kenny Trott
87. FC Shadow's Whiteshoes “Billie” LM, Karl Gunzer
88. FC-AFC Seaside's Pelican Pete “Pete” LM, Steve Yozamp
89. FC-AFC Hilltop's High Society “Gracie” LF, Danny Farmer
90. FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns “Pow” LM, Al Arthur
91. FC-AFC Maple Creek's Mattie Mae “Mattie” LF, David McMahan
92. FC Adams Acres Water Lilly” Lilly” LF, Bill Sargenti
93. FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC L And L Just A Gigolo “Deuce” LM, Howard Simson
94. FC-AFC Fen Wizzard “Fen” LM, Eric Fangsrud
95. FC Sweetie's Easy Rider “Ford” LM, Jim Gonia
96. FC Indi Go Girl “Indy” LF, Chris Ledford
97. FC-AFC Ragin Eye Of The Storm “Cane” LM, John Thomas
98. FC-AFC Land Ahoy “Pirate” LM, Jerry Patopea
99. FC-AFC Trulines Walla Walla Sweet “Pink” LF, John Henninger
100. FC Rock River Benjamin “Ben” LM, Bill Eckett
101. FC Wing Magic's Standpipe Moon “Piper” LF, Mark Edwards
102. FC-AFC Rocky Creek's Full Tilt Boogie “Pearl” LF, Danny Farmer
103. FC Dogwoods Fear Factor “Boo” LM, Tim Milligan
104. FC-AFC Wingover's Pedro II “Pedro” LM, Dolores Smith
105. FC Mitimat You Go Girl “Diva” LF, Paul Sletten